Illustration: Jimmy Kalman
Animation: Raúl Ávila
America's Meat Problem
The average American eats more than 210 pounds of meat every year—almost triple the global average. This endless barbecue comes at quite a cost for the environment: The meat industry is responsible for almost 15% of total emissions.
Data Labels
Every year, Americans throw away 5 million tons of unspoiled food because of confusion regarding food date labels. That’s enough food to feed about 5 million Americans for an entire year. Understanding what date labels mean is the first step towards reducing unnecessary food waste.
Recycling Problem
America’s embarrassingly low recycling rate is costing the country billions of dollars every year.
Holiday Garbage
'Tis the season—to toss out 1 million extra tons of garbage. Find out what you can do to be more classy and less trashy this holiday season.

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